Exploitation des réfugiés. Exploitation of refugees.

Ce sont les populations civiles qui payent le pris fort .Chassés de leur pays ,de leurs terres .Les érythréens réfugiés souffrent dans les camps de réfugiés .Les femmes sont violées. Les jeunes, les hommes sont kidnappés et retourne,par force dans leur pays.

It is the civilian populations who pay the heavy price. Driven from their country, from their land. The Eritrean refugees suffer in the refugee camps. Women are raped. The young men and women are kidnapped and returned by force to their country.

7 réflexions sur “Exploitation des réfugiés. Exploitation of refugees.”

  1. No one wants to leave their birth home unless pushed by threat of death from violence or poverty. My father and grandfather left England in 1913 because the factories in Oldham were closing and earlier leavers assured them a good future was possible in the USA. I grew up in Southern California after our family left New England to seek a better life. I saw immigrants from the south, the east, the mid-west, and Mexico al flocking to Souther California for a better life. The result? The California economy is the fifth larges in the world! Welcome refugees and grow!

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